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“We shall dedicate our dynamic efforts to make people speak about our success globally.”

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At Pincorps, our love for continuous learning drives who we are and what we do. Every day.
If you’re reading this page about Pincorps, I’m sure you have invested your time and effort and you shall be rewarded value in return worth your efforts.

“Don’t mix business with pleasure.” Based on this conventional wisdom, starting up a company with friends is probably, well, not the wisest idea.

But with Pincorps “not the wisest idea” became the core of the company, where professional friends and pals with complementary skills and talents with varied backgrounds from information technology, programming, training, sales, business development and so on came together to add value for themselves and the company Pincorps.

Pincorps was born out of crave to create something “not unique” but something that “adds value” and we firmly believe we shall do that consistently with each and every person and business we touch upon.

Our mission is simple: To bridge the knowledge gap and make people more productive and successful via our knowledge transformation services through innovative technology platforms with core customer focus. When you join Pincorps.com, you get access to network with people, trends, news, updates, and insights that help you to be great at what you do.

And yes, Pincorps Portal is still in its baby steps, catering to build web solutions and apps as per client’s needs, not looking on profits, but instead we are building clientele which are addressing the questions of profits.

We do not cook stories to make people believe us; instead we’ve create stories of success which make people believe us. We help professionals and budding graduates from various domains to fulfil their career goals, be a next gen leader and attain success.

Experience our promises, sign up with us to earn your righteous collaborative learning experience to fasten your future.

What We Do

A Different Approach
With our vertically integrated structure (meaning we do it all ourselves to the farthest extent, by the way), we stay clear of the expectations of our customers. We’ve put ourselves in a position to ensure quality delivery at every touch point.

In short: we can design and deliver quality training delivery and services with the greatest attention to detail. Whether it’s the subtle engraving of a Pincorps Brand, or the entirety of our personalized experience, the goal is to make it remarkably easy and add value to each and every customer with their learning and other services we have to offer.

We excel in highly in-demand technology training courses and other non-technical skill-sets for professionals who are constantly looking to upgrade their skills and enhance their career growth prospects. We facilitate to provide great a learning experience and help people to get skilled with uber ease with global best practices.

  • Bring in emerging learning technology and trends to people.
  • Skill and up skill people with, in-demand niche skill-sets.
  • Connect people and industry and collaborate.
  • Help companies to fill and skill talented professionals.
  • Create a spirit of continuous learning.
Choose courses and wide range of skill-sets available from our portfolio. Click here.

We are having our baby steps with our IT services, yet we have successfully delivered few initial projects. Our aim with Pincorps Portals is to:

  • Guide & Build tailor made web solutions with appropriate technologies.
  • Create & render UI / design solutions, address expectations of UX.
  • Execute complex e-Commerce portals, one of the service we're known for.
  • Collaborate, build & execute digital branding & advertising services.
  • Strategize & execute, digital marketing & SEO with a measurable ROI.

Wish to see and experience our work, do check our portfolio here.

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Chloe Windsor

Sr. Project Manager

Zaina Al-Hakimi

Regional Manager - GCC

Tannah Shukri

Co-founder / Quality Head

Noor Al-Zuraiqi

Co-founder / MEA Operations

Emira Cyrus

RM - Training Delivery

Aafia Muslim


Suzzane Gashi

RM - Canada

Lorriane Jackson


Rozan Al-Homoud

Marketing Specialist - IT Services

Alzbeta Radecki

RM - Europe

Payal Jain

RM - India

Lara Olaibi

L & D Regional Manager

Melissa Allison

RM - Europe

Rita Aariak

RM - Canada

Tamara Al-Talhouni

Co-founder / Marketing