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But before you do that, please continue to read the below story.
  • The Quality Teacher - Every great teacher needs to have two great loves: a love of their subject matter, and a love of teaching it to others.
  • Offering Value - The difference between a teacher and a grifter is that the teacher presents solutions, but also enables attendees to evaluate (and even create) solutions for themselves.
  • Teaching or Sales - Our answer is simple: honesty. By providing a genuine, honestly valuable educational experience, you and we earn the opportunity to also offer a sales pitch- provided you differentiate between the two and are clear about which is which.
If you believe you have all of the above and can deliver 1hour session (free of cost, but of high value) please sign up now, we are looking for one like you.
  • Abide by Rules & Instructions set forth by Pincorps.
  • Project a professional appearance and attitude whenever before the training sessions.
  • All up-hold the values and brand name of Pincorps.
  • Never indulge in selling your personal services untill unless approved to do so.
  • Imbibe the benefits of Pincorps to delegates, whenever situation arise and do not entertain or indulge in promoting any other brands.
  • You are not authorised to talk about commercials or money related matters of Pincorps, untill you are authorised to do so.
If you feel you have what it takes to be an instructor. If you can shell out couple of hours of your time and exchange your knowledge and expertise! We are ready to invest and market you as a brand and you could fastly gain yourself a name and much needed demand. Wana earn name and money, let us know with a line and CV to with your minimum avilability per month and your subject or topic of interest and expertise.