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Apache Kafka Course Description

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform which is widely used in Industry.Kafka provides so many features to ingest streaming data in the distributed environment.Kafka can also be integrated with third-party streaming engines like SPARKSTORM, KINESIS, APACHE APEX and so many.

Pincorps helps you in learning Kafka concepts from basics to advance level. It encompasses concepts such as Kafka architecture and data flow, Kafka components like broker, producer, consumer, topic, etc. The instructor-led online/classroom Kafka course also covers installation of Kafka on a single and multi-node cluster, monitoring Kafka using different administration tools, handling of real-time data and different best practices of distributed messaging queue along with real-time live Kafka project to make you Kafka expert.


Apache Kafka Course Learning Outcomes;

  • Understand Kafka architecture and Kafka configuration on cluster
  • Master various Kafka components – consumer, producer, and brokers
  • Perform different operations on topic
  • Integrate Kafka with various consumers
  • Play with Kafka partitions and distribute data between them
  • Understand insights of high & low-level Kafka APIs
  • Learn the concepts of latest version of Kafka
  • Develop Real-Time Kafka Applications
  • Learn Zookeeper and its installation
  • Learn Kafka Best Practices
  • Master balancing of Kafka Cluster
  • Understand Replication and its importance in Kafka
  • Develop Live Kafka Project


Apache Kafka Training – Suggested Audience

This training is aimed at Java professionals who wish to build skill sets on Kafka framework. Suggested attendees are:

  • Software Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Software Architect
  • IT Consultant


Apache Kafka Training – Prerequisites

Knowledge of core Java will be helpful.


Apache Kafka In-house/Corporate Training

If you have a group of 5-6 participants, apply for in-house training. For commercials please send us an email with group size to

Course Curriculum

1. Demystify Apache Kafka
Introduction to Big data Details 00:00:00
Importance for messaging queue Details 00:00:00
Need for distributed messaging queue Details 00:00:00
Conventional solutions and associated problems Details 00:00:00
Why we need Apache Kafka Details 00:00:00
2. Kafka introduction
What is Apache Kafka Details 00:00:00
Kafka Features and terminologies Details 00:00:00
High level kafka architecture Details 00:00:00
Real life Kafka Case Studies Details 00:00:00
3. Deep Dive into Kafka Architecture
Internals of architecture and core concepts Details 00:00:00
Kafka components – Broker, Producer, Consumer, Topics, Partitions Details 00:00:00
Different versions of Kafka Details 00:00:00
4. Understanding Broker
Working of Broker Details 00:00:00
Broker Deployment Details 00:00:00
Multiple brokers on single machine Details 00:00:00
Decommisioning Brokers Details 00:00:00
5. Understanding Producer
Basics of producer Details 00:00:00
Producer Architecture Details 00:00:00
Producer partition- Custom, Round Robin, Field Based Partition Details 00:00:00
Producer Java API Details 00:00:00
Types of Producer – sync,async Details 00:00:00
Different Producer Configurations Details 00:00:00
Sync and async producer hands on Details 00:00:00
6. Understanding Consumer
Basics of Consumer Details 00:00:00
Consumer Queuing, Consumer Group and Consumer Broadcast Details 00:00:00
Consumer Java API Details 00:00:00
Producer and Consumer Hands On Details 00:00:00
7. Mirroring Kafka
What is mirroring Details 00:00:00
How mirroring works Details 00:00:00
Mirror Maker and its role Details 00:00:00
Kafka Mirroring Hands on Details 00:00:00
Mirror Maker producer and consumer Details 00:00:00
8. Topics and Partitions
Working with topics and updating them Details 00:00:00
Performance optimization and configurations Details 00:00:00
Using Partitions and distribution of partitions Details 00:00:00
Partition reassignment – Automatically migrating Details 00:00:00
Partition reassignment – Manual migrating Details 00:00:00
9. Replication in Kafka
High availability and reliability using Replication Details 00:00:00
ISR – In Sync Replication Details 00:00:00
Primary Replication and Quorum Replication Details 00:00:00
Partition reassignment – Increasing Replication Details 00:00:00
Topic, Partition and Replication Hands on Details 00:00:00
10. Installation of Kafka
Setup environment and pre-requisites Details 00:00:00
Configuration of different components Details 00:00:00
Deploy Apache Kafka on single node cluster Details 00:00:00
Deploy Apache Kafka on multi-node cluster Details 00:00:00
Balancing Leadership Details 00:00:00
Scaling Kafka cluster and troubleshooting Details 00:00:00
11. Kafka Advanced Operations
Work with multiple topics for different type of data Details 00:00:00
Develop applications using high and low level APIs Details 00:00:00
Buffer data in Apache Kafka Details 00:00:00
Best practices of data distribution Details 00:00:00
Different types of consumers high level & low level Details 00:00:00
Multiple consumers grouping Details 00:00:00
Multiple partitions and multi-threaded consumers Details 00:00:00
Best practices for consumers Details 00:00:00
Configuring multiple producers & consumers together Details 00:00:00
Log Segment and Data Retention Details 00:00:00
Monitoring and management of Kafka Cluster Details 00:00:00
JMX Monitor and Kafka administration tools Details 00:00:00
12. Kafka Project

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