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Advanced Maven Training Course Description

Apache Maven is an advanced build tool to support the developer at the whole process of a software project. Typical tasks of a build tool are the compilation of source code, running the tests and packaging the result into JAR_ files. In addition to these typical build capabilities, Maven can also perform related activities, e.g., create websites, upload build results or generate reports.

The Advanced Maven training course builds on the Working with Maven course and focuses on advanced Maven features and concepts.

Getting the Most out of Apache Maven begins with a quick review of Apache Maven. During the review, the course quickly touches key technological and architectural concepts (POM, project configuration, task execution, etc.), and then explores the current state of Maven and the changes that have taken place in Maven 3. Once the foundation has been laid, the course takes an in-depth dive into repository management, versioning, release management, and continuous integration.

The course concludes with an open-ended discussion on best-practices when using Maven on very large projects.


Advanced Maven Course Learning Outcomes;

  • Correctly write and configure the POM file.
  • A transition from Maven 2 to Maven 3.
  • Setup Maven jobs for a continuous integration server.
  • Deploy to Nexus.
  • Design custom skins and templates.


Advanced Maven Training – Suggested Audience

This Apache Maven training is intended for developers with a focus build their career or working on projects that use Maven as an automated build tool. Suggested attendees based on our past programs are:

  • Software Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • System Administrator
  • System Engineers
  • System Integrators
  • IT Professionals


Advanced Maven Training – Prerequisites

  • Core Java and Java web programming experience, the hands-on practice will be carried out with the Eclipse IDE platform.
  • Hands-on experience working with Maven.


Apache Maven Advanced In-house/Corporate Group Training

Available for a group size of more than 4-5. For commercials please send us an email with group size to

Course Curriculum

1. Review of Core Maven Concepts
POM Details 00:00:00
Project Configuration Details 00:00:00
Profiles Details 00:00:00
Dependencies, Dependency Management, and Transitive Dependencies Details 00:00:00
Moving From Maven 2 to Maven 3 Details 00:00:00
2. Repository Management
What is an Enterprise Repository? Details 00:00:00
Nexus Repositories and Security Details 00:00:00
Deploying to Nexus with Maven Details 00:00:00
Managing Maven Settings with Nexus Details 00:00:00
Configuring Procurement in Nexus Details 00:00:00
Performing a Staged Release Details 00:00:00
3. Release Management
Release Management Details 00:00:00
The Maven Release Plugin Details 00:00:00
Developer Release Workflow Details 00:00:00
Integration with Source Control Details 00:00:00
Example Using Subversion Details 00:00:00
4. Maven Repositories and Versions
Declaring Repositories Details 00:00:00
Differences between mirrors and repositories Details 00:00:00
Differences between SNAPSHOT and releases Details 00:00:00
Maven Repositories and Versions using Multi-module projects Details 00:00:00
Setting up a multi-module project used by others in Nexus Details 00:00:00
Differences between SNAPSHOT and releases Details 00:00:00
Each project is each onto their own Details 00:00:00
5. Continuous Integration with Bamboo (or Jenkins)
What is Continuous Integration? Details 00:00:00
Benefits of Continuous Integration Details 00:00:00
Comparisons of CI Servers/Products Details 00:00:00
Setting Up a Maven Job in the CI server Details 00:00:00
Monitoring Builds Details 00:00:00
Demonstration of CI server Details 00:00:00
6. Maven Site Reporting
Using plugins to add additional reports Details 00:00:00
Creating content Details 00:00:00
Building a multi module site Details 00:00:00
Selecting individual reports Details 00:00:00
Creating custom templates and skins Details 00:00:00
And Best Practices Details 00:00:00

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