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Elastic Stack Workshop Description

This Elastic Stack workshop will guide you through the installation and configuration of Elasticsearch, Beats, Logstash, and Kibana.

It is an instructor-led training course, incorporating real-world examples of logging, analytics, and search.


Elastic Stack Course Learning Outcomes;

The workshop covers real-world data sets and instructors work with the participants to ingest, search, and visualize them. This includes an Elasticsearch overview, deployment of Metricbeat, Filebeat and Logstash configuration, creation of dashboards in Kibana, how to process logs and recommended architecture for designing a system to scale.


Elastic Stack Training – Suggested Audience

Whether you’re an experienced developer wanting to learn more or just starting with the Elastic Stack, this course will teach you how to successfully install, configure, and optimize your deployment. Suggested audience are;

  • Software Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Software testers
  • Search analysts
  • IT Engineer


Elastic Stack Workshop – Prerequisites

  • No prior knowledge of the Elastic Stack is required.
  • Comfort using the terminal or command line is recommended.


System Requirements
  • Laptop with connectivity to Wi-Fi
  • Mac, Linux OS, or Windows 7 or later
  • A modern web browser
  • Java version 1.8u20 or later installed
  • At least 20% free disk space


Elastic Stack Workshop In-house/Corporate Training

If you have a group of 5-6 participants, apply for in-house training. For commercials please send us an email with group size to

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction
Elastic Stack Overview Details 00:00:00
Metrics use case Details 00:00:00
Elasticsearch Details 00:00:00
Lab Details 00:00:00
2. Filebeat
Logs and problems Details 00:00:00
Filebeat architecture Details 00:00:00
Configuration Details 00:00:00
Lab Details 00:00:00
3. Logstash
What and Why Details 00:00:00
Configuration Details 00:00:00
Inputs, Filters, and Outputs Details 00:00:00
Field References Details 00:00:00
Conditionals Details 00:00:00
Lab Details 00:00:00
4. Kibana
What and Why Details 00:00:00
Settings Details 00:00:00
Time Picker, Search, and Filters Details 00:00:00
Kibana Discover, Visualization, and Dashboard Interfaces Details 00:00:00
Console Details 00:00:00
Lab Details 00:00:00
5. Conclusions
Deployment Architectures Details 00:00:00
Summary Details 00:00:00
Conclusions Details 00:00:00

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