Core Java Training | Learn OOPs Concept, Java Language, JDBC & So On.

Core Java Course Description

Java is one of the most preferred software platforms for running modern applications. Java applications can run on any device and billions of devices are already running it across the globe.

In this Core Java training, learn OOPs concept, Java Language Fundamentals, Arrays & Strings, Packages & Wrapper Classes, Exception Handling, Threads, Collection Framework & JDBC Fundamentals

Core Java Course Learning Outcomes

  • Fundamentals of Java programming and how to use Java to write applications
  • Understanding of OOPs concept

Core Java Training - Suggested Audience

This Core Java training is aimed at developers looking to OOPs concept, Java Language Fundamentals, Arrays & Strings, Packages & Wrapper Classes, Exception Handling, Threads & so on. Suggested attendees based on our past programs are:
  • Developers
  • Programmers
  • Java Developers

Core Java Training Duration

  • Open-House F2F (Public): 3 days
  • In-House F2F (Private): 3 days, for commercials please send us an email with group size to

Core Java Training Course - Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of any programming language like C, C++

This Core Java training course outline includes:

1. Introduction
  •  Why Java?
  •  Flavors of Java
  •  Java Designing Goal
  •  Role of Java Programming in industry
  •  Features of java Language
  •  JVM- The heart of Java
  •  Java's Magic Byte code

2. Language Fundamentals
  •  Java Environment
  •  Installing JDK and Eclipse IDE - Java Program Development - Java Source File Structure - Compilation - Executions -
  •  Java Fundamentals
  •  Data Types - Variables, keywords, Literals - Comments - Assignment ,Initialization -

3. OOPs Concepts Introduction
  •  Introduction to Oops Concepts
  •  Inheritance - Polymorphism - Abstraction - Encapsulation -
  •  Class Fundamentals
  •  Class, Object - Global variable and member variables - Static and final - Inner and Anonymous Class - Access Control Modifiers - Constructors -

4. Array and String
  •  Defining of an Array
  •  Initializing and accessing an Array
  •  Multi-Dimensional Array
  •  Operation on String
  •  Mutable and immutable String
  •  Using Collection Bases loop for String
  •  Tokenizing a String
  •  Creating Strings using String Buffer

5. Oops in java
  •  Inheritance
  •  Use of Benefits of inheritance in OOP - Types of inheritance in Java - Inheriting Data Member and Methods - Role of Constructors in inheritance - Overriding super Class methods - Use of *Super* - Polymorphism in inheritance -
  •  Interfaces And Abstract Classes
  •  Multiple Inheritance - Restrictions for Interfaces - Interface Vs Abstract - Relationship between classes -

6. Packages and Wrapper Classes
  •  Organizing Classes and interfaces in Packages
  •  Package as Access Protection
  •  Defining Package
  •  CLASSPATH Setting for Packages
  •  Import and Static Import
  •  Naming Convention for packages
  •  What is Wrapper Class
  •  Why Wrapper
  •  How to handle wrapper Classes

7. Exception Handling
  •  What is Exception
  •  Types of Exception
  •  Exception Hierarchy
  •  Control Flow in Exception
  •  VM reaction to Exception
  •  Exception handling

8. Thread
  •  Understanding Threads
  •  Needs of Multi-Threaded Programming
  •  Thread Life-cycle
  •  Thread Priorities
  •  Synchronizing Threads
  •  Inter communication of Threads
  •  Critical Factor in thread Deadlock

9. The Collection Framework
  •  Collection of objects
  •  Collection Interfaces and Hierarchy
  •  List And Map
  •  Types of List
  •  Types of map
  •  Iterator
  •  Generics

10. JDBC Fundamentals
  •  Introductions to JDBC
  •  JDBC Drivers and architectures
  •  CURD operations using JDBC
  •  ODBC and other Drivers
Keny White


Keny White is Professor of the Department of Computer Science at Boston University, where he has been since 2004. He also currently serves as Chief Scientist of Guavus, Inc. During 2003-2004 he was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Laboratoire d'Infomatique de Paris VI (LIP6). He received a B.S. from Cornell University in 1992, and an M.S. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


After working as a software developer and contractor for over 8 years for a whole bunch of companies including ABX, Proit, SACC and AT&T in the US, He decided to work full-time as a private software trainer. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rochester in 2001. "What I teach varies from beginner to advanced and from what I have seen, anybody can learn and grow from my courses".


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