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Android Certified Application Developer Course Description

In the last years, smartphones has become the go-to platform for developing all sorts of applications. Business applications for banks, TVs, universities have been migrating from websites to mobile applications. Furthermore, Android devices are dominating the market share of mobile phone. All this has made Android application development among the most required skills in the IT sector and the available IT jobs.

Android Application Development training from Pincorps provides knowledge and skills essential to design and create a complete Android application. It imparts extensive training on key Android API components and interactions. Knowledge of any programming language is sufficient to maximize your understanding in this Android developer certification.

Android Certified Application Developer Course Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a thorough understanding of Android architecture
  • Skills to design and build an Android application from scratch.
  • Build and publish your own Android apps in the Google Play store
  • Ability to use different plug-ins and tools to debug and maintain your Android applications.
  • Thorough understanding of main components of an Android application and its entire life cycle.
  • Achieve expertise on app development for Android wearable devices
  • Prepare you for the Android Certified Application Developer Exam.

Android Certified Application Developer Training - Suggested Audience

This training is aimed at professionals who want to establish or advance their career in Android app development. Suggested attendees based on our past programs are:
  • App Developers
  • Application Engineers
  • Web Developers

Android Certified Application Developer Training Duration

  • Open-House F2F (Public): 4/5 days
  • In-House F2F (Private): 4/5 days, for commercials please send us an email with group size to

Android Certified Application Developer Training - Prerequisites

This course is required to have adequate knowledge of the content of "Java Fundamentals for Android Development" course. Previous knowledge and experience of any programming language is considered sufficient.

This Android Certified Application Developer training course outline includes:

Module 1: Hello Android Framework
  • Introduction
  • Creating an Android Project 
  • Within Eclipse
  • From Command line
  • Running Your Application
  • Running you project on the emulator
  • Components of an Android application Application Life cycle 
  • Modifying created project
  • Change activity’s name  

Module 2: Android SDK Tools and Activity Class
  • Android Software Layers
  • Linux kernel
  • C/C++ Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • Application Framework
  • Application layer
  • And roid Libraries
  • The Android Manifest File
  • Structure of the Manifest File 
  • Android SDK Tools
  • Activity life cycle through Java 
  • Create an Activity
  • Methods to remember

Module 3: ListActivity and ListView
  • Introduction
  • Views 
  • Using Views 
  • Adding a View to your application 
  • List Views and List Activity 
  • Using a ListActivity
  • Adding ListView
  • Add Event to List Items 2
  • Methods to remember

Module 4: Intents and Intent filters
  • Introduction
  • Intents
  • Explicit Intents
  • Implicit Intents
  • Native Android Actions
  • Data Transfer
  • Intent to Call Activities
  • Direct calls
  • Subactivities: Calling Activities for Results 
  • Register an IntentFilter 
  • Methods to remember  

Module 5: Custom Views
  • Introduction
  • Different Uses of Customized Views 
  • Modify Existing Views 
  • Step by Step What is in onDraw()
  • The full picture  

Module 6: Dialogs and Toasts
  • Dialogs 
  • Dialog sub - classes 
  • Creating dialogs with user - defined layout 
  • Activities with Dialog Theme 
  • Toasts 
  • Methods to remember
Module 7: More UI - Options Menu, C ontext Menu, and WebView
  • Introduction 
  • Menus 
  • Building a menu from Java code 
  • Building a menu from a resource file Handle Select Events · Sub - menus 
  • Context Menus 
  • Handling Context Menu Selection 
  • Additional Menu Item options 
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons 
  • Shortcut Keys 
  • Condensed Titles 3 
  • Menu Item Click Listener 
  • Intents 
  • WebView 
  • Methods to remember 
  • Practical Exercise

Module 8: Android Storage: Network, File I/O, and SharedPreferences
  • Android Storage Options
  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal Storage
  • SQLite Databases
  • Network Connection
  • Connecting to the internet
  • File I/O 
  • Including files as resources 
  • Shared Preferences 
  • Retrieving Shared Preferences 
  • Save activity state  

Module 9: Android Storage: SQLite and Content Providers
  • Introduction
  • SQLit e in your application
  • SQLite library 
  • SQLiteOpen Helper 
  • SQLiteDatabase 
  • Cursors
  • Databases in Android 
  • Native Android Content Providers 
  • Methods to remember

Module 10: Android Notifications
  • Introduction
  • Creating a notification
  • Notification actions
  • Example: Notification Manager
Keny White


Keny White is Professor of the Department of Computer Science at Boston University, where he has been since 2004. He also currently serves as Chief Scientist of Guavus, Inc. During 2003-2004 he was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Laboratoire d'Infomatique de Paris VI (LIP6). He received a B.S. from Cornell University in 1992, and an M.S. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


After working as a software developer and contractor for over 8 years for a whole bunch of companies including ABX, Proit, SACC and AT&T in the US, He decided to work full-time as a private software trainer. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rochester in 2001. "What I teach varies from beginner to advanced and from what I have seen, anybody can learn and grow from my courses".


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