AWS Certified Developer Training | Prove your Expertise in Developing & Maintaining Applications on AWS platform

AWS Certified Developer Course Description

Amazon Web Services - (AWS) Certification is fast becoming the, must have credential for any IT professional working with AWS. This course is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate (CDA) Exam. Even if you have never logged in to the AWS platform before, by the end of our AWS training videos you will be able to take the CDA exam.

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam validates technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform.

This is a two-day hands-on programming course on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to dive- deep into designing and developing scalable web applications on AWS infrastructure using services like S3, SQS, SNS, SDB, IAM and Elastic Beanstalk. The hands-on labs for this course start with developing sample web application, deploying it on AWS, and building on it to use the services being covered in this course (Knowledge of Java programming language is required).

AWS Certified Developer Course Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the core AWS services, uses, and basic architecture best practices.
  • Design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions using AWS.
  • Identify and recognize cloud architecture considerations, such as fundamental components and effective designs.
  • Identify the appropriate techniques required to code a proper cloud solution.
  • Recognize and implement secure procedures for optimal cloud deployment and maintenance.
  • Demonstrate ability to implement the right architecture for development, testing, and staging environments.
  • Develop and maintain applications written for Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWS), AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation.
  • Identify and implement best practices for debugging in AWS.

AWS Certified Developer Training - Suggested Audience

This training is aimed absolute beginners in AWS. Suggested attendees are:
  • Solutions Architects
  • Solution concept engineers
  • Solution Design Engineers
  • Software Developer

AWS Certified Developer Training Duration

  • Open-House F2F (Public): 2 days
  • In-House F2F (Private): 2 days, for commercials please send us an email with group size to

AWS Certified Developer Training - Prerequisites

  • You will need to set up an AWS Account 
  • Knowledge of at least 1 programming language (Php, Python, Ruby etc) is advantageous but not strictly required
  • A Windows, Linux or Mac PC/Laptop

This AWS Certified Developer associate training course outline includes:

  • Fundamentals of AWS
  • Design your environment
  • High availability of your environment
  • Move an existing application to AWS
  • Event-based scaling
  • Automation and decoupling of your infrastructure
  • Design of a scalable memory
  • Hosting a new web application on AWS
  • The four pillars of the Well-Architected Framework
  • Recovery in emergencies and failover strategies
  • Troubleshoot your environment
  • Design patterns for extensive applications and case studies
Keny White


Keny White is Professor of the Department of Computer Science at Boston University, where he has been since 2004. He also currently serves as Chief Scientist of Guavus, Inc. During 2003-2004 he was a Visiting Associate Professor at the Laboratoire d'Infomatique de Paris VI (LIP6). He received a B.S. from Cornell University in 1992, and an M.S. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


After working as a software developer and contractor for over 8 years for a whole bunch of companies including ABX, Proit, SACC and AT&T in the US, He decided to work full-time as a private software trainer. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rochester in 2001. "What I teach varies from beginner to advanced and from what I have seen, anybody can learn and grow from my courses".


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