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jQuery Training Course Description

jQuery is fast becoming a must-have skill for front-end developers. The purpose of this jQuery training course is to provide an overview of the jQuery JavaScript library.

In this training course, you gain the knowledge and skills to apply jQuery as a tool for rapidly developing feature-rich websites — including how to build standards-compliant responsive web pages with Ajax, design easy-to-use forms, extend jQuery with plugins, and improve the user experience.


jQuery Course Learning Outcomes;

  • Rapidly develop dynamic Web 2.0 applications with jQuery, HTML, CSS, and Ajax
  • Create browser-independent, rich client interfaces
  • Enhance HTML forms to use jQuery validation and call web services
  • Develop and integrate plugins and incorporate UI components
  • Build touch-optimized, cross-device web pages with jQuery Mobile.


jQuery Training – Suggested Audience

This training is aimed at developers who want to build best-of-breed web applications with the simplicity & elegance of javascript. Suggested Audience is:

  • Technical Managers
  • Consultants
  • Communications Professionals
  • Software engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Network Professionals
  • Web Developer
  • Front Developer
  • Javascript Developers
  • MEAN Stack Developers
  • AngularJS 1.x Developers
  • Technical Leads
  • Architects
  • Quality & Testing professionals


jQuery Training – Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this jQuery class;


System Requirements
  • This course provides Intel Core-2 Duo PCs running Windows 7
  • The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox (with Firebug), Chrome, and Safari are loaded onto each PC
  • Exercises can be completed using either Eclipse, Notepad++, or Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.


jQuery In-house/Corporate Group Training

Available for a group size of more than 4-5. For commercials please send us an email with group size to

Course Curriculum

1. jQuery Fundamentals
Traversing HTML with the jQuery() function Details 00:00:00
Introducing the Sizzle CSS selector engine Details 00:00:00
Matching nodes by element name, ID, class, position, content, behavior and context Details 00:00:00
Chaining calls to the jQuery() function Details 00:00:00
2. Manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM) for Cross-Browser DHTML
Adding and replacing content with jQuery Details 00:00:00
Dynamically assigning CSS properties Details 00:00:00
Creating accessible, unobtrusive JavaScript Details 00:00:00
3. Animating Web Pages with jQuery Effects
Enhancing pages with animations Details 00:00:00
4. Building Responsive Pages with Ajax
Updating page components asynchronously Details 00:00:00
Converting serialized server data to HTML Details 00:00:00
5. Designing User-Friendly Forms
Exploring jQuery tools for forms manipulation Details 00:00:00
6. Extending jQuery with Plugins
Integrating popular plugins Details 00:00:00
Developing jQuery plugins Details 00:00:00
7. Creating Sophisticated User Interfaces with jQuery UI
Integrating widgets for highly interactive web applications Details 00:00:00
Implementing effects Details 00:00:00
Adding Web 2.0 functionality Details 00:00:00
8. Building Cross-Platform Mobile Pages with jQuery Mobile
Working with mobile pages and controls Details 00:00:00

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