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Spring & Hibernate Course Description

The Working with Spring and Hibernate Boot Camp training course is an intensive program created to rapidly bring existing Java programmers up-to-speed on the latest Spring Framework and its integration with Hibernate. The boot camp course covers; Core Spring Concepts, JPA integration with Spring and touches on Spring MVC.

This Spring and Hibernate training is an intensive five-day course that teaches students how to develop enterprise Java web applications with the Spring Hibernate Spring MVC and Spring Security open-source frameworks.


Spring & Hibernate Course Learning Outcomes;

  • Understand the benefits of Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection Paradigms (DI) – especially when compared to traditional J2EE approaches of wiring business objects.
  • Understand the benefits of object-relational mapping (ORM) frameworks – especially when compared to traditional JDBC-based data persistence approaches.
  • Be able to use Hibernate (with JPA-annotations) for the persistence layer – including mapping simple and complex entities, configuration, querying, session\/transaction management, and tuning techniques.
  • Be able to use Spring Framework for the Business and DAO layers: including POJO-based development, transactions, wiring, AOP, and testing techniques.
  • Be able to use Spring MVC to replace Servlets, get support for binding, validation, navigation, error handling, etc.
  • Become familiar with Spring WebFlow to model complex user flows in a web application.
  • Take advantage of Spring Security framework to set up advanced security controls around a Spring Web application – including authentication, authorization, and data transport security (SSL).
  • Be able to monitor and tune a Spring\/Hibernate based web application.
  • Learn how to use Eclipse for Java EE to help speed up the development efforts.
  • Learn how to automate common development tasks with Ant.
  • Learn best practices, and overall differences between Spring\/Hibernate-based applications when compared to other solutions.


Spring & Hibernate Training – Suggested Audience

This training is designed for developers who need to understand how and when to use Hibernate in Spring applications. Suggested attendees based on our past programs are:

  • Java developers.
  • IT Professional.
  • Architects.
  • Software Developer.


Spring & Hibernate Training Course – Prerequisites

Participants should be familiar with web development in Java, including servlets, JSPs, and database access.


Spring & Hibernate In-house/Corporate Group Training

Available for a group size of more than 4-5. For commercials please send us an email with group size to

Course Curriculum

1. Developing with Java EE
 Review of Java EE (a.k.a. J2EE) Details 00:00:00
 Review of Java Web Application development with JDBC and Servlets/JSPs/EL Details 00:00:00
 Overview of Data Access Object (DAO) design pattern Details 00:00:00
 The pain of developing with JDBC and Servlets Details 00:00:00
2. Hibernate
 Overview of Object-relational-mapping (ORM) frameworks Details 00:00:00
 Overview of Hibernate: advantages, features, etc. Details 00:00:00
 Overview of EJB3’s JPA Details 00:00:00
 Switching from JDBC to Hibernate Details 00:00:00
 Installing and configuring Hibernate Details 00:00:00
 Mapping entities with Hibernate Annotations Details 00:00:00
Mapping associations and collections Details 00:00:00
 Getting and using Hibernate session Details 00:00:00
 Understanding transactions Details 00:00:00
 Storing entities Details 00:00:00
 Retrieving data Details 00:00:00
 Understanding entity states: transient, persistent, and detached Details 00:00:00
 Tuning Hibernate Details 00:00:00
 Best-practices: examples, and labs Details 00:00:00
3. Spring Framework
 Overview of Spring Details 00:00:00
 Wiring beans with Spring Details 00:00:00
 Spring-Hibernate integration Details 00:00:00
 Transaction management Details 00:00:00
 Understanding AOP in Spring Details 00:00:00
 Overview of Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern Details 00:00:00
 Overview of Spring MVC Details 00:00:00
 Switching from Servlets to Spring Details 00:00:00
 Installing and configuring Spring MVC Details 00:00:00
 Overview of Spring Controllers Details 00:00:00
 Understating Spring MVC data binding and creating custom binding strategies Details 00:00:00
 Overview of Spring validation with JSR 303 with Hibernate Validator (@Valid, @NotNull, @Size, @NotEmpty, @Email, etc.) Details 00:00:00
 Implementing REST on top of Spring MVC Details 00:00:00
 Implementing conversations on top of Spring WebFlow Details 00:00:00
 Best-practices: examples, and labs Details 00:00:00
4. Spring Security Framework
 Overview of container-managed security Details 00:00:00
 Overview of Spring Security framework Details 00:00:00
 Switching from container-managed to Spring security Details 00:00:00
 Installing and configuring Spring Security Details 00:00:00
 Exposing security context in the application Details 00:00:00
 Creating authentication and authorization-aware user interfaces Details 00:00:00
 Securing the business layer with JSR 250-style method-based annotations (AOP) Details 00:00:00

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