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WebSphere V8.5 Course Description

IBM WebSphere is a suite of middleware designed to set up, operate, and integrate E-business applications across multiple computing platforms using Web technologies. It includes both the run-time components (WebSphere Application Server) and the tools to develop and manage applications that will run on WAS.

This course teaches you the skills that are needed to install and administer IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5, which offers users enhanced support for standards, emerging technology, and a choice of development frameworks.

In this course, you learn how to install, configure, and maintain IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 base, Network Deployment (ND), and the Liberty profile, and to deploy enterprise Java applications in a single computer or clustered configuration. In addition, you learn how to work with features of WebSphere Application Server V8.5, such as IBM Installation Manager, WebSphere Customization Toolbox, administrative console extensions, security enhancements, Intelligent Management Pack, and the centralized installation manager.

This is a hands-on exercise and demonstrations reinforce lecture content. You gain practical experience with WebSphere Application Server V8.5 by completing tasks such as installing and assembling applications, applying problem determination techniques, configuring a clustered environment, and working with fine-grained administrative security.


IBM WebSphere V8.5 Course Learning Outcomes;

  • Relate WebSphere Application Server to the WebSphere family of products
  • Describe the features and standards in WebSphere Application Server V8.5
  • Describe the architectural concepts that are related to WebSphere Application Server
  • Install and configure WebSphere Application Server V8.5
  • Install and configure IBM HTTP Server (IHS)
  • Assemble and install server-side Java enterprise applications
  • Use WebSphere administrative tools to configure and manage enterprise applications
  • Use wsadmin scripting
  • Configure WebSphere Application Server security
  • Deploy applications in clustered environments
  • View performance information about server and application components
  • Use problem determination tools and log files to troubleshoot problems
  • Configure messaging with the service integration bus
  • Describe the Intelligent Management Pack
  • Describe WebSphere Batch features
  • Describe the Liberty profile
  • Install and configure the Liberty profile


WebSphere V8.5 Training – Suggested Audience

This training is aimed at administrators who install, configure, and manage web-based applications on WebSphere Application Server. Suggested attendees based on our past programs are:

  • Web administrators
  • Lead application developers
  • Application architects
  • System Administrator


WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Training – Prerequisites

  • An understanding of basic internet concepts
  • Experience in using a web browser
  • Administrative skills for a web server, such as IBM HTTP Server or Apache
  • Basic operational skills for the Linux operating system


WebSphere Application Server V8.5 In-house/Corporate Group Training

Available for a group size of more than 4-5. For commercials please send us an email with group size to

Course Curriculum

1. Course introduction
WebSphere product family overview Details 00:00:00
WebSphere Application Server architecture – stand-alone Details 00:00:00
WebSphere Application Server architecture – federated Details 00:00:00
2. IBM Installation Manager
WebSphere Application Server installation Details 00:00:00
Web server installation Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Installing IBM Installation Manager Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Installing WebSphere Application Server Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Installing IBM HTTP Server Details 00:00:00
WebSphere Application Server administrative console Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Exploring the administrative console Details 00:00:00
3. Introduction to the PlantsByWebSphere application
Application assembly Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Assembling an application Details 00:00:00
Application installation Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Installing an application Details 00:00:00
Problem determination Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Problem determination Details 00:00:00
Introduction to wsadmin and scripting Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Using wsadmin Details 00:00:00
4. Federating a cell
Exercise: Creating a federated cell Details 00:00:00
Workload management Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Clustering and workload management Details 00:00:00
5. Introduction to WebSphere Messaging
Introduction to WebSphere Messaging Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Configuring the service integration bus Details 00:00:00
Job manager and Centralized Installation Manager Details 00:00:00
Demonstration: Using the job manager Details 00:00:00
Overview of the Intelligent Management Pack Details 00:00:00
6. WebSphere security
Exercise: Configuring WebSphere security Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Configuring application security Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Configuring SSL for WebSphere Details 00:00:00
Overview of the Liberty profile Details 00:00:00
Exercise: Working with the Liberty profile Details 00:00:00
7. Performance monitoring
Exercise: Using the performance monitoring tools Details 00:00:00
WebSphere Batch Details 00:00:00
8. Course summary

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