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General FAQ


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Purchases & Refunds



Payment may not go through for a number of reasons like;

a. Your card is expired or out of date.

b. You have not confirmed your card (PayPal).

c. Insufficient Funds in your card account.

d. Name, Billing address and other details are not matching with the card.

e. Internet & bandwidth issue, bank server did not respond.

f. Card type may not be supported by certain payment processors.

If your payment won’t process with your bank account or you’re still having problems with your card, you can try these steps:

a. Try a different card.

b. Alternative payment mode like PayPal to Paypal, Netbanking, Wire transfer & Cheque payments (applicable)

c. Request help from Pincorps.

You can always refer to our refund policy section or simply drop an email to with the subject line as “Refund Request” and we’ll take care of the rest and help you with the best possible way at the earliest.

When you wish to book a training event on Pincorps, in the process of checkout look for “Apply Coupon” option to redeem a coupon, that you have received via email from Pincorps staff. If you have already purchased and have not utilized the coupon, you can always use it with your future transaction or gift it to a friend. You can always look for coupon codes on deal sites like,, and

Sorry to let you down, as part of our corporate governance and security procedures, all refunds will be processed to the same CARD/ACCOUNT through which we have received the payments. In certain cases, when this is not possible Pincorps will try to see and accommodate the refunds as fast as we can once all statutory compliance are met.


Account Credentials


Sorry this option is not available as of now. You cannot change the account or username that you have chosen.

If you feel your account has been compromised or misused, you can request lost password option, to change your existing password. Or you could use change password option on the site homepage at

Accesses to certain courses are time-bound, and you may have your lost access to them owing to this reason. Multiple email accounts – you might have used a different email address at the time of purchase or signup, try logging in with Facebook, Google account or associated e-mail addresses.

You could always get in touch with Pincorps Support at with your name, contact number and invoice or order ID (if you have) and we shall get back to you with credentials to access your account.


Technical Issues


  • Minimum internet speed of 512kbps is needed to access (although the faster the better, as always!);
  • Web Browser: recommended browsers include Google Chrome® and Mozilla Firefox®
  • Working microphone & webcam if you are accessing Online Live Training & Webinars.
  • Adobe flash player recommended access to certain type of files.

Yes, absolutely. We always try to make sure that our website and all learning resources are playable and learnable on mobile devices. Do keep us informed if you have come across situations otherwise.

Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Delete browser cookies.
  • Update the Flash Player.
  • Update your browser to the latest version. Particularly Internet Explorer (IE 7 or higher) and Firefox (3.x or higher).
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > switch to the “Advanced” Tab > scroll down to the “Multimedia” sub-heading > make sure the box next to “Play sounds in web pages” is checked > Click “ok” > Restart Internet Explorer and test to see if that works.

If not please keep us informed about the issue possibly with a screenshot (Print Screen on your keyboard) so we try and see how to resolve the issue at the earliest or provide alternatives and recommendations.

We are working hard to ensure that you’re learning certificate is made available for you as soon as you complete your access on our learning portal for all the courses. Good news we have already made certificates made available on our learning portal for online courses, provided you have fulfilled the minimum criteria’s set by the governing body to issue the certificate.


Maximise Benefits


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