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Why Pincorps should matter to you?

Unless you are a mountain-goat dwelling in the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, your life is probably in sync with e-commerce and is being impacted by the start-up boom that is proliferating worldwide.

We are not talking about some tech gadgets e-commerce, but we’re talking about Edu-Commerce, which is here to serve the whole humanity to fulfill their knowledge needs.

The education sector has always been considered to be one of the biggest gainers from the Internet. One way to stay on top of a rapidly changing market is to implement a business strategy that maximizes the synergies between lifelong learning and workforce productivity.

The current speed of change means that employees need to be trained continuously in order for Companies to avoid the dangers of being outthought and outmaneuvered by competitors. A poorly educated workforce results in decreased, indeed ever decreasing, and levels of productivity and reduces their ability to deliver results. Ignorant and poorly skilled staff can’t (or at least shouldn’t) be promoted — since they don’t have the appropriate skills to help their company reach its business objectives. So Organizations need to go to the expense, in terms of time and trouble, of recruiting staff with new knowledge and competencies from outside the organization in order to cover middle and senior-level positions.

Ideally, every company should have a plan in place for each of their employees. This plan should set out career development paths and the required training programs that will enable the employees to develop the necessary knowledge and skills. This is where PINCORPS comes into the picture with a not unique thing to offer, but offer required quality knowledge impartment.

When we wanted to spread the news about our little start-up, the first level of influencers who crossed our minds was the PR & Media people. When we contacted few and shared our start-up story, they wanted us to mix up few things, so that it looks like a well-cooked write-up for their readers?

Ohh, no we do not want to make or cook stories. Hence we shall not go for so-called paid media, because;

 “We’re Simple. We’re Unique. We’re Innovative. We create value & We value our customers. We are PINCORPS”

If you are in an assumption that this is one more start-up from India wait, a moment, you are wrong.  Continue to read;

“Don’t mix business with pleasure.” Based on this conventional wisdom, starting up a company with friends is probably, well, not the wisest idea.

But with Pincorps “not the wisest idea” became the core of the company, where professional friends and pals with complementary skills and talents with varied backgrounds from information technology, programming, training, sales, business development and so on from across the globe came together to add value for themselves and the company Pincorps.

Yes, you heard it right this company is made up professionals from across the globe helping people to gain skills & knowledge to keep them abreast with the changing world.

Why Edu-Commerce matters to you?
E-education brings customized content as per learning style, collaborative learning, self-paced learning, saves time and definitely is cost-effective. One of the best advantages of e-learning/education is reducing dependence on traditional, system of learning, and allow teachers and students open up to the global knowledge.

With individual & corporate spending on training soars, there comes sourcing of quality knowledge partners & yet again at low cost. Being said that, do you think any company which has invested in bringing out a quality teaching and thought process, would give up at dead cheap cost? We don’t think so.

We at Pincorps with our training programs, we are bringing quality to our customers and that results in bringing the best of the talents out of them and making them unique, valuable & demanded professional adding value to themselves & the company they are serving for. At PINCORPS

“We shall dedicate our dynamic efforts to make people speak about our success globally.”

– Founding Partners

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